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The Bourne Legacy
Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery
Director: Tony Gilroy
Actors: Edward Norton, Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Donna Murphy, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn, Oscar Isaac, Paddy Considine, Zeljko Ivanek, Stacy Keach, Matt Oberg, Steve Routman, Madeleine Nicolas

Description:The events in this movie takes place around the same time that the events in The Bourne Ultimatum. When a British reporter was writing an expose about Black Ops operations Treadstone and Black Briar, and the ones responsible for them are concerned. And when Jason Bourne, former Treadstone operative got the file on Treadstone and Black Briar and gave it to Pamela Landy who them passed it to the media. When the men behind Treadstone and Black Briar learn of this, they're concerned how this will affects other ops they have. They decide it's best to shut down all ops and make sure make everyone involved disappears. They try to take out Aaron Cross who is part of another op called Outcome, but...

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