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Release:October 7, 2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Short, Western
Director: Hebron Simckes-Joffe
Actors: Sarah Agor, Josh Callaghan, Gordon Capps, Robert Coffie, Mikal Delaney

Silas identifies the man that killed his wife and kidnapped his child, 15 years prior, as Frank Valance; The new gubernatorial candidate, and plans to assassinate him. Rebecca, Silas's current girlfriend, urges him not to go through with his plan; Even if he dies in the effort, Silas believes he must exact revenge by killing the man that ruined his life and murdered his ex-wife, Constance. When Silas learns that Frank Valance has a political function in town, he makes his move. His attempt backfires when Olivia, his daughter, defends the governor, whom she believes to be her father.

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